Football requires every player on the pitch to be ready to sprint, twist and turn at a moments notice whilst still being able to continue playing for 90 minutes. At Orthotics UK we are able to provide a range of orthotics to enable you to play to the best of your ability.

What benefits are there from using orthotics in football?

There are many benefits from using orthotics in football including:

  • Reduced muscle fatigue
  • Increased protection
  • Increased comfort
  • Improved recovery time
  • Improved muscle function
  • Improved performance

If you play football but are unsure if you would benefit from using orthotics please contact us to discuss.

What are the common injuries in football that orthotics can help prevent?

Orthotics can help to prevent a range of injuries in football including:

  • Ligament injuries e.g. ACL tear
  • Ankle sprains
  • Muscle strains
  • Hernias
  • Facial injuries e.g. nose or cheekbone fractures

What types of orthotics can help performance in football?

There are a range of types of orthotics which can be used to help performance in football including:

  • Performance lycra garments
  • Custom insoles
  • Custom face masks
  • Custom insoles
  • Custom chest guards
  • Knee braces
  • Ankle braces
  • Hernia supports

Who uses orthotics in football?

Cesc Fabregas

Name Cesc Fabregas

Discipline Football

Achievements Over 100 appearances for Spain and over 400 for club football teams

Orthotic Custom face mask

Not your sport?

To receive orthotics for sport you will need to have an assessment with our experienced orthotists. To arrange an assessment or to find out more information please email us at call us on 0161 883 0355 or complete the form below.

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