Sport and performance

In our sports and performance clinic we maximise your performance whilst ensuring you are protected from injury. If an injury has occurred we ensure any time out of your sport is minimised.

Carry out the sports you love with confidence

Whether you visit us in our specialised clinic space or arrange for us to visit you where you train, our sports and performance multidisciplinary team can recommend a range of solutions for you, from strength and conditioning exercises to orthotic equipment.

Performance Lycra

Our specialised orthotic garments can help you fulfill your potential, minimise your rehab time and help you avoid repetitive injuries.

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Custom insoles

Our in shoe solutions can help you use your energy more efficiently and avoid injury. Our low profile custom insoles will provide you the support you need without you knowing they are there.

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We work closely with our manufacturers to develop completely bespoke solutions to suit your needs, we are able to offer a wide range of protection of different strengths depending on your needs.

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Sports we're involved with

We work with people from a huge range of sports from dancing to motocross, athletics to skateboarding and every sport in between. We understand every sport puts different stresses on the body and we want to support you to be the best you can be.

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