Bespoke orthotics

We want to provide the best quality types of orthotics that will maximise your rehabilitation, performance and opportunities.

Bespoke orthotics

We want to provide the best quality types of orthotics that will maximise your rehabilitation, performance and opportunities. Therefore, where possible, we will usually provide orthotics that are completely bespoke for you. We work closely with our manufacturing partners who can provide orthotic devices to our exact specifications and our orthotists are highly experienced and used to prescribing and providing the best devices.

Your appointment

In your appointment your orthotist will take time to talk to you to understand your individual lifestyle and goals for the future. We believe this is important to prescribe the perfect device, as everyone’s aspirations are different. Based upon your discussion, your orthotist will recommend the best solution for you. If they believe that orthotics are the best way forward, they will make sure that you understand what they are recommending and why. None of our orthotists make a commission from the devices we provide for you and so you can be sure that their advice is completely impartial.

In many cases, bespoke orthotics are the best solution. As well as being very ergonomic, they allow you to add features such as fastenings or to choose options such as low profile materials, making the device tailor made to your lifestyle.

Your orthotist will ensure that you have the perfect fit by taking casts, 3D scans or measurements. If your orthotic device is to go inside a shoe, then they may also take measurements or details about your footwear. This information will then be sent to our manufacturer.


We work with a variety of manufacturers to make sure that we have the autonomy to select the best possible types of orthotics, and the time for your orthotic to be manufactured will vary depending on what it is, which materials are to be used and which manufacturing company we have sent it to. However, we always aim to provide your device in the shortest possible time.

Your device is as unique as you are

We have a huge range of options that we can draw from to make your orthotic device look and function exactly as you would like.


  • Many adaptations can be made to your own shoes.
  • We offer a bespoke shoemaking service and can manufacture shoes out of any leather, and a huge range of materials.
  • We have a wide range of contacts who can provide a range of specialist additions made out of various materials such as extra strong toe caps, specialist fastenings, and carbon fibre shanks and heel counters.


We provide a range of fastening options for aesthetics, ease of use and speed when putting your orthotic on and taking it off.

Huge range of materials

We provide orthotics made out of a huge range of materials, from traditional devices using sheet metal and leather, to low profile options made out of carbon fibre. We also provide a range of silicone splints which can be work beneath your usual footwear or with no footwear at all.

Personalisation options

We provide a wide range of personalisation options with different finishes and many different designs. We can even turn your old clothes into patterns on your device!


We will book you in for a fitting appointment for when your orthotic device is made. During this appointment your orthotist will spend time ensuring your device fits and does not rub, that the intended corrections have been achieved and that you are entirely happy with your device. If you find you are not entirely happy with your device then you are welcome to visit us again for adjustments until everything is perfect. This service is included in the price of your device.

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