Medico-legal services

We provide solicitors with immediate access to expert medico-legal services.

Our clinicians have received dedicated medico-legal training and are used to working in a medico-legal setting as both as single joint experts and separate party appointed experts. We provide objective legal reports which adhere to CPR part 35 and PD 35 in light of the guidance for the instruction of experts in civil claims.

Our services include:

  • Quantum reports
  • Soft tissue injury claim report (fixed cost medical reports)
  • Evidence for medical negligence cases
  • Evidence for professional conduct cases
  • Evidence for criminal cases

* Where reasonably required, we also carry out an in-court expert witness service in line with the requirements stated in PD35.

Our legal reports and expert witness service can be carried out by any or a combination of the professionals in our multidisciplinary team in the disciplines of:

  • Orthotics
  • Prosthetics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Psychology
  • Podiatry

Step 1 Discussing your needs

Please contact us to discuss your needs and requirements and for a quote regarding the cost of a report. Quotes are often provided on the same day and will be sent with a number of CVs to provide you with a choice of experts.

Step 2 Medical history

We will begin work immediately following your instructions. Usually this will also involve you providing us with copies of any relevant medical notes.

Step 3 Requests

Copies of proposed requests will be sent to instructing parties promptly in order to give good notice and aid the swift running of our service.

Step 4 Amendments

We always aim to respond to all questions, correspondence and any requests for amendments as quickly as possible.

Step 5 Expert opinions

Where necessary, we will arrange to meet other experts or liase in an alternative matter to form agendas and discuss professional opinions and produce a report.