Robotics clinic

Robotic exoskeleton technology has a wide range of uses from in-clinic rehabilitation to in the workplace.

Robotics clinic

The robotics we provide have empowered people to achieve great things. Whether you would like to take your first steps since your accident or illness, regain use of your hands or have help with your strength or safety at work, we have a solution for you.

In our robotics clinic, we run a multidisciplinary service to help you make the most out of your treatment. You will be assessed by a physiotherapist, orthotist and occupational therapist as required and the best solution for you will be discussed so that you fully understand the process at every step.

What are exoskeletons used for?

Worn around parts of your body, the main principles of exoskeletons are to help you support more weight than you could previously and/or to help you to move your body with more power.

We can provide assistive devices for work, at home standing and walking aids and in clinic walking sessions.

Our in-clinic robotics sessions have many benefits, from maintaining the strength of your bones and the range of motion in your joints to aiding your digestion and circulation. Our orthotists and physiotherapists will always be on hand to ensure that you are safe, comfortable and to help you to use the device.

Find out more about exoskeletal robotics and what they can be used for here.

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