Types of orthotics

Our experienced, HCPC, BAPO registered orthotists can recommend many types of orthotics to suit a range of requirements.

Orthotics can:

  • Realign the forces in your body to prevent injury and pain
  • Support or replace muscular function
  • Prevent contracture
  • Stabilise and protect joints and surrounding nerves and tissue after an injury or to protect
  • Promote efficient walking or movement patterns
  • Provide structural guidance for healthy bone growth

Types of Orthotics we provide include:

AFO's (Ankle and Foot Orthotics)

Ankle and foot orthotics covers a large range of devices which control the alignment of, and provides stability to, the foot and ankle.

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Knee braces

Knee braces are worn to support an injured or painful knee joint, they can also be worn to prevent a potential injury.

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Insoles can be used to treat a wide variety of foot problems. They can help to reduce pain, redistribute forces, increase support and correct an irregular walking pattern.

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Upper limb orthotics

We provide a large range of custom made devices but are also able to pre made orthoses if appropriate.

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Children's services

We are able to provide both stock and custom devices depending on their needs.

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Dynamic stretching orthotics

Dynamic stretching orthotics are devices which can be used in the treatment of muscle contractures and tightness.

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Functional electric stimulation

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) devices are used to stimulate your muscles or nerves causing the muscles to contract.

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Spinal orthotics

Spinal orthotics are able to provide support and protection to the spine in a large variety of ways. We are able to offer a range of devices which cover different areas of the spine as well as specific conditions such as scoliosis.

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Head and face protection

We offer a range of devices to provide protection to the head and face. This includes both soft and hard protection devices suitable for a range of different needs.

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Hernia supports

Hernias can occur for a range of reasons and can be managed using a variety of methods including supportive orthoses.

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Hip braces

Hip braces can be used to provide support and relieve pain associated with the hip joint.

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Knee ankle foot orthotics

Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses (KAFOs) are custom made devices which support the whole lower limb.

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Lycra orthoses

Lycra orthoses come a variety of different forms including suits, vests, leggings, gloves and socks.

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Neck and shoulder orthoses

Orthoses for the neck and shoulder can provide support and stability for a range of conditions.

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Spasticity management

Spasticity is a form of increased muscle tone (hypertonia) which is commonly affects those with cerebral palsy.

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Specialist footwear

Specialised footwear is designed to enable users to improve their mobility by offering support and accommodating any deformities.

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A bespoke service that meets your needs

Because everybody is different, every solution we recommend is bespoke to your exact needs. We work closely with our manufacturers who work in all sorts of materials from which they can produce almost any shape. We are not restricted to just one manufacturer consequently our experienced orthotists have the freedom to choose the best manufacturer to create the best solution or device.

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