Our multidisciplinary team is always on the lookout for new technology and innovation.

We can prescribe and provide a range of robotic devices and robotics based rehabilitation packages. At Orthotics UK our orthotists have access to different devices and are able to provide unbiased advice to help you with you selection.

Our cutting edge technology could enable you to:

  • Stand or take your first steps since an accident or illness
  • Regain your independence
  • Regain the dexterity of your hands
  • Aid your digestion and circulation
  • Maintain your range of motion
  • Hold off osteoporosis
  • Give you the strength to carry out physical work safely all day and protect you at work

AlterG Bionic Leg

The AlterG Bionic Leg is a lower limb exoskeleton device designed to be used within the rehabilitation environment. At Orthotics UK you can work with our multidisciplinary team whilst wearing the AlterG Bionic Leg to enable you to walk, stand even go up and down stairs.

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The C-Brace is an electronically controlled knee ankle foot orthosis which can enable users to walk with greater confidence and increased safety. Through the collection of real time data by sensors within the brace the device adjusts to support you effectively when ambulating.

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The Carbonhand is a diverse and simple device which can be used by a wide range of users including those with decreased hand strength and those whose occupation requires repeated grip intensive tasks. The adjustable device enables users to have increased grip, strength power or endurance.

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Ekso provide a range of exoskeleton solutions for both rehabilitation and work based needs. The EksoVest is designed to be used within workplaces where tasks are repeated with arms above the chest and shoulders. For lower limb rehabilitation the EksoGT can be used to support users relearning to walk.

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The FORTIS exoskeleton is designed to be used in workplaces to enable users to complete tasks for longer periods of time while simultaneously reducing the risk of work related injuries.

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The Indego is a lightweight lower limb exoskeleton device which can be used both at home and within the rehabilitation setting. It is a modular design enabling users to don and doff the device easily and without assistance.

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The ReWalk is a lower limb exoskeleton device which can be used anywhere by those with spinal cord injuries. The device provides powered hip and knee movement enabling users to improve function and independent mobility.

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Rex Bionics

The Rex exoskeleton is a lower limb device designed to be primarily used as part of a rehabilitation programme, however it can be used at home or work as a mobility device. Preprogrammed exercises and the hands free stability enables users to focus on getting the most out of themselves during rehab.

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Suit X

Suit X have a range of exoskeleton devices available for both clinical and industrial use. The Phoenix is a lower limb exoskeleton designed to be used at home and rehabilitation clinics enabling users to increase mobility. An adaptable modular exoskeleton system for industrial use is also available.

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