Our multidisciplinary team is always on the lookout for new technology and innovation.

We can prescribe and provide a range of robotic devices and robotics based rehabilitation packages. At Orthotics UK our orthotists have access to different devices and are able to provide unbiased advice to help you with you selection.

Our cutting edge technology could enable you to:

  • Stand or take your first steps since an accident or illness
  • Regain your independence
  • Regain the dexterity of your hands
  • Aid your digestion and circulation
  • Maintain your range of motion
  • Hold off osteoporosis
  • Give you the strength to carry out physical work safely all day and protect you at work

Clinical and personal exoskeleton technology

We provide regular training sessions whether you would like to learn to use your own at home or simply benefit from the movement in clinic. For those with loss of strength and/or motor control we can provide personal exoskeletons to rehabilitate people with loss of function in both lower or upper limbs.

Examples of clinical and personal exoskeletons include:

Industrial exoskeletons

We can provide a range of exoskeleton technology to help protect you from injury or enhance your performance at work. We can arrange a visit to your business to make suggestions for adaptations that could help you or your employees. Examples of industrial exoskeletons we can offer include:

Examples of clinical and personal exoskeletons include:

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