Sport and performance clinic

Our sport and performance clinics can enhance your performance, provide rehabilitation and provide you with protective devices so that you can carry out the sports you love with confidence.

Sport and performance clinic

Our sports and performance team is a multidisciplinary service that can draw from the experience of both our orthotists and physiotherapists combined.

Maximise performance

We have dedicated equipment in clinic or, if relevant, we can visit you where you train. We can recommend a range of solutions for you, from strength and conditioning exercises to orthotic equipment.

We allow time in our appointments for your physiotherapist and orthotist to discuss their observations and recommendations thoroughly with you so that you can be sure that you are maximising your potential.

If we recommend a custom made sports device for you, then we can take all measurements immediately. Your review appointment is included in the cost of the device and your aftercare doesn’t end until you are completely satisfied.

Stay safe

We can create and provide a range of bespoke equipment including carbon fibre shin guards, protective face masks and chest protection.

We work closely with our manufacturers to produce equipment and devices made out of all sorts of materials. If you would like a custom made piece of protective equipment then the first step is to call us to discuss your needs. We will do our very best to ensure that we can provide protection that is completely bespoke to your needs and the regulations of your sport.

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