Children's AFO

Children's AFO

AFOs specifically designed for children are typically custom made and provide support whilst allowing them to continue developing, growing and maximising their potential.

What are the indications for use of a children's AFO?

There are many indications for using a Children’s AFO. These include:

  • Ankle instability
  • Foot drop
  • Low tone crouch gait
  • Spastic tone
  • Toe-walker

If you are unsure if an AFO would be suitable for your child please contact us to discuss.

What conditions are AFOs often used to treat?

AFOs are provided to children with a wide variety of conditions which include:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Spina Bifida
  • Genetic Disorders
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Hypermobility

This list of conditions is not exhaustive. If you are unsure if an AFO would be suitable for your child please contact us to discuss.

What are the benefits of your child using an AFO?

There are many benefits that come from using an AFO. These include:

  • A more fluid and natural walking pattern
  • Supports the foot in a more functional position
  • Increased support and stability
  • Can be designed to provide increased or reduced plantar flexion (pointing your toes) and/or dorsiflexion (lifting your toes)
  • Medial/lateral (side to side) ankle stability
  • Reduce muscle tone
  • Reduce falls

There are many benefits using an AFO to find out more please contact us to discuss.

What types of Children’s AFOs are available?

Types of Children’s AFO that may be used include:

  • Trulife Child’s Play Matrix
  • KiddieGAIT

What is the process to be receive an AFO for my child?

The process to receive an AFO would be:

  • Assessment
  • Measuring / Casting
  • Fitting
  • Review

In order for your child to receive the best AFO, they will need to meet with one of our orthotists who will complete an in depth assessment looking specifically at how your child walks and the range of movement at their foot and ankle. Following this they will take a number of different measurements to ensure the correctly sized device is selected. If the orthotist advises a bespoke device they will then need to take a plaster cast mould of the foot and leg. Your child will have a choice of a range of patterns to put on their own splints and we fit our splints with plenty of discreet padding to guarantee comfort.

How do I arrange an assessment for an AFO for my child?

To get in touch or arrange an appointment, you can call us at 0330 088 3949 or email

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