Dolichocephaly and scaphocephaly

Dolichocephaly and Scaphocephaly are both forms of flat head syndrome. These conditions are characterised by the head being longer than would be expected, relative to its width. The head can appear narrow went viewed from the front and higher than normal when viewed from the side.

Dolichocephaly and scaphocephaly

This type of head shape is normally a result of a baby consistently lying on the same side of the head for prolonged periods.

Other reasons could be:

  • Issues in the womb
  • Other medical conditions (torticollis)
  • Premature child

Please click here to understand what causes Dolichocephaly and Scaphocephaly (flat head syndrome) in more detail.

Positional Dolichocephaly and Scaphocephaly can sometimes present similarly to a condition called craniosynostosis. These conditions need very different forms of treatment. Our team is experienced in telling these conditions apart and will offer you the best advice.

If Dolichocephaly and Scaphocephaly in diagnosed then within the first 4 months we suggest that positional techniques are used. The positional techniques are used in an attempt to re shape the head naturally without the need for helmet therapy. If the head shape does not improve then the baby should be considered for Orthotics UK helmet therapy designed specifically for the treatment of Dolichocephaly and Scaphocephaly.

Understandably parents are often unsure if helmet therapy is suitable for their child. Orthotics UK provide a free assessment where we will discuss treatment options, take scans, measurements and offer free advice.

If your child is deemed suitable for helmet therapy we will manufacture a helmet that is specifically designed for your child’s head. The manufacturing time is very fast and the helmet will need replacing with growth. Typically, three helmets are needed during the treatment course but this will depend on the amount of initial flattening, the child's age and compliance.

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