Diabetic insoles

Diabetic insoles

People with diabetes must prioritise foot care as part of their day to day life this is due to the fact that raised blood sugars can reduce feeling and circulation in extremities in particular the feet. This issues can then lead to further complications such as ulcers, infection and even amputation. In order to prevent such issues occurring diabetic insoles can be used. Diabetic insoles help to distribute the pressure on the foot evenly, reduce friction and improve circulation.

Which types of diabetes are diabetic insoles often used for?

Diabetic insoles are suitable for all types of diabetes at any stage.

If you are unsure if you would be suitable for a diabetic insoles please contact us to discuss.

What are the benefits of diabetic insoles?

There are many benefits that come from using diabetic insoles. These include:

  • Reduced and evenly distributed pressure
  • Reduced shock and shear (horizontal movement)
  • Increase support for the whole foot
  • Reduced pain
  • Improved circulation
  • Offload any ulcerated or high risk areas

There are many benefits of using diabetic insoles to find out more please contact us to discuss.

What is the process to be recieve diabetic insoles?

The process to receive diabetic insoles would be:

  • Assessment
  • Measuring / Casting
  • FItting
  • Review

To ensure you get the most out of your diabetic insoles your orthotist will talk to you about your feet, identify any specific problem areas you may have and will take a series of measurements. They will also take an impression (using a foam box) to ensure the full shape of your foot is captured. Your orthotist will then select the appropriate materials and thickness of your insole. By combining all of this information you will receive the most appropriate insole to support your feet.

How do I arrange an assessment for Diabetic Insoles?

To get in touch or arrange an appointment, you can call us at 0330 088 3949 or email office@orthotics.co.uk.

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