Other custom protection

At Orthotics UK we offer a range of custom protection types of orthotics which can help improve your performance by providing optimal protection. As well as custom chest guards, face masks and knee braces we are able to provide bespoke protection devices. If you have an area of your body which requires protection our experienced orthotists may be able to provide a suitable solution.

Custom protection

Custom protection orthotics provide a superior level of protection when compared with those which are one size fits all or stock. Our custom orthotics are made specifically to your requirements and will be designed to help you to perform to the best of your ability. We are able to use a large range of different materials to ensure any device complies with any governing regulations whilst still providing a high level of protection.

Examples of other custom protection types of orthotics we can provide are:

Wrist supports for gymnastics and diving:

In both gymnastics and diving having strong wrists is essential, in diving it is important to be able to create consistent rips and within gymnastics to maintain positioning and having increased stability during difficult movements. At Orthotics UK we are able to provide custom made wrist supports to enable you to concentrate on your performance. We are able to use a variety of materials to ensure your wrist supports are up to the task at hand.

How do I arrange an assessment for custom protection?

To get in touch or arrange an appointment, you can call us at 0330 088 3949 or email office@orthotics.co.uk.

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