Chest guards

Chest guards are an essential piece of protection for many sports they can however be heavy and uncomfortable to wear. Everybody is different so your protection should reflect that, our custom chest guards are moulded to fit the area you require protecting, whether this is your entire chest or just a specific area. We use state of the art materials to ensure your chest guard is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

What are the indications for using chest guards?

Chest guards are mandatory for participation in a number of sports however there are other indications of use including:

  • Prevention of injuries to chest, breasts or ribs
  • Protection of injured area to enable return to sport

When should chest guards be used?

Many sports require the use of chest guards such as fencing, archery and motocross however other sports where you may benefit from wearing a chest guard include cricket, rugby, football, hockey, boxing, martial arts even paintballing and surfing.

What are the benefits of using a chest guard?

There are many benefits from using a custom made chest guard including:

  • Increased protection
  • Protection can be adjusted using different materials depending on requirements
  • Personalised protection ensuring full coverage of the required area
  • Lightweight protection for increased comfort (Carbon Fibre)

What is the process to receive a chest guard?

All of our chest guards are custom made and will therefore be made bespoke to your requirements. You will have a discussion with our experienced orthotists regarding your requirements for the guard, whether it is protection for an existing injury or for prevention of injury our orthotists will be able to the most suitable solution. We are able to use a range of materials for the main guard as well as adding any additional padding if required. You will also discuss different options of straps to ensure the guard is comfortable and easy to wear and it does not impede your performance.

To create the perfect fit our orthotists will take a series of measurements and a cast or scan of the area to be protected. By using these methods your chest guard will be truly bespoke to you and will follow the contours of your body.

Once the chest guard has been manufactured you will return for a fitting appointment your orthotist will check the fit and will make any adjustments if required.

How do I arrange an assessment for a chest guard?

To get in touch or arrange an appointment, you can call us at 0330 088 3949 or email

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