At Orthotics UK we design and supply bespoke sports protection solutions to help you play sports without fear. We understand every sport is different and protection requirements vary. Our experienced team will work with you to create the perfect solution to your needs.

About protection

We design and supply custom made sports protection devices to help you perform fearlessly. At Orthotics UK we understand every sport is different and everyone plays sport differently therefore your protection should reflect those differences. We use a variety of materials to ensure your protection is comfortable to wear and does the job you require it to do.

Chest guards

Our custom chest guards are completely bespoke and made to fit you. Because of this, we can make your chest protector as lightweight or protective as your needs require, and can extend or reduce protection where you require.

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Knee braces

We provide braces to rehabilitate existing injuries, to protect against re-injury or as a preventative measure.

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Face masks

Our face masks are made using a 3D scanning and CAD technology. We will contour the mask to the shape of your face and bespoke to the nature of your injury to provide maximum protection with minimum obstruction for unflinching performance.

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Other custom protection

We specialise in making devices from a range of materials that contour to the shape of the human body. If you would like a type of protection which is not listed on this page, then we may be able to provide a solution for you.

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Shin guards

At Orthotics we are able to provide you with custom shin guards which provide you with the required protection when playing sports. Whether you are playing football or hockey or ski racing we can create lightweight and comfortable shin guards to protect you.

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