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Hernia Supports

Hernias can occur for a range of reasons and can be managed using a variety of methods including supportive orthoses. Hernia supports are worn to replace the part of the abdominal wall that has been affected. Hernia supports provide relief from the hernia by applying gentle pressure to the affected area to reduce the hernia. Supports can be off the shelf or custom made if required.

Which hernias can supports be used for?

Hernia supports can be used for all types of hernias including

Different types of supports will be used for different types of hernias.

What are the benefits of using a hernia support?

There are many benefits that come from using a hernia support. These include:

There are many benefits using a hernia support to find out more please contact us to discuss.

What types of hernia supports are available?

Types of hernia supports that may be used include:


A truss is used in the management of inguinal hernias. They provide relief by using gentle pressure on the affected area to push the hernia back into the abdomen. To ensure pressure is applied in the correct area trusses come with removeable pads of different sizes and shapes and are fully adjustable. A truss support can be used pre or post surgery.

Hernia briefs

Hernia briefs are suitable reducible hernias and can be used pre or post surgery. They are available for both men and women. Hernia briefs apply uniform pressure across the lower abdomen and groin area. Some hernia briefs can have straps added for more localised pressure.

Abdominal wraps

Abdominal wraps can be used for all types of hernias, similar to the briefs they provide uniform pressure around the abdomen however they are also available with added padding to provide specific pressure points. They are comfortable, easily put on and washable.

Custom hernia supports

For many off the shelf hernia supports do not provide adequate support for their needs. We are therefore able to provide custom made supports. These can come in a variety of forms and will be made bespoke for every individual.

What is the process to be receive a hernia support?

The process to receive a hernia support would be:

To ensure you receive the correct support for your needs our orthotist will complete an assessment. This will involve observing your hernia and discussing with yourself about what you would like out of a support. Together you will discuss options suitable for your needs. Your orthotist will then take a series of measurements to ensure the selected style is sized correctly. If it is felt that a custom made support will be best your orthotist will take additional measures and will discuss openings, fastenings and other adaptations available.

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