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Gait Analysis

We carry out gait analysis to give us an in depth understanding into how your body works as a whole, to make sure that we prescribe the very best solutions for you,be that a course of physiotherapy, personal training or an orthotic device. Our experienced orthotists are trained in motion analysis and biomechanics and will discuss their observations with you in detail.

Pre gait analysis assessment

When you arrive for your gait analysis appointment, we will talk to you about why you have decided to see an orthotist, and whether you are currently experiencing any issues. We will establish where you would like to see an improvement and what outcomes are the most important for you. We will discuss your lifestyle and medical background so that we can understand how we can help you.

Gait analysis

We will then carry out an observational gait analysis assessment using dedicated specialist equipment and software. Your observational assessment could involve the orthotist taking measurements, recording times or using video based software.

Physical analysis

Your orthotist will carry out a physical assessment by testing the way that your joints move and the way your muscles function. This will help them to understand what they have observed whilst watching you walk or run and taking their earlier measurements. The orthotist may also feel for the position of your bones or for your muscles.


Your orthotist will explain their findings with you to help you choose the best possible treatment options. You will be able to watch any videos that have been taken and measurements and what they mean will be explained. We can also provide you or a third party with a written report about our findings.


After your orthotist has discussed your results with you, they can carry out measurements, casting or scanning to fit you with any devices that have been prescribed. They can also refer you on to other members of our multidisciplinary team if you will benefit from this.


You will be invited back for a fitting appointment so that your orthotist can ensure your device is perfect before you take it home. Find out more about what happens in your fitting appointment.


After you have received your device, you can return for a review appointment. Your orthotist will carry out further gait analysis to measure your improvement and they can provide you with before and after videos and results so that you can see this for yourself.

Find out more about what happens in your review appointment.


A gait analysis assessment is suitable for reports for case managers and solicitors, other health professionals, insurers and other third parties. They can be carried out by multiple members of our multi disciplinary team at the same time for you or your client’s convenience.

Other clinicians

If you are a clinician and would like to come in with your patient to take part in the gait analysis assessment then you are welcome to do so. We are also happy to meet with you to discuss any queries, and can take part in joint home visits. Please contact us for more information.

Who is a gait analysis assessment for?

Gait analysis appointments are relevant to a wide range of people:

Find out more about the conditions we treat.

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