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We are happy to work with journalists who are exploring the world of prosthetics by providing access to our team where appropriate.

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Orthotics UK is a private bespoke service dedicated to meeting individuals orthotic needs. We are committed to providing a service which stands out and we are always looking for the latest and best ways to help our patients. We are able to provide immediate access to a wide range of advanced orthotic solutions which will help to maximise performance and exceed patient expectations.

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Anyone can suffer a stroke at any age. #NotJustTheElderly #StrokeAwareness https:// /status/1179308604479938560   …

Charcot-Marie-Tooth is a progressive and often debilitating disease that affects the nervous system of a person who has it. Orthotics can be used in treatment for CMT, but public awareness of the condition remains low. #CMTawarenessmonth https://www. month/   …