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Our experienced multidisciplinary paediatric team including orthotists, physiotherapists and children’s occupational therapists are experienced in working with children and have specialist training in a range of children's services.

Solutions bespoke to your child’s needs

Our paediatric team regularly deal with children who have complex needs and will create bespoke orthotic solutions and care plans for every child. They regularly hold meetings to discuss their plans for treatment and reach an agreement for the best outcome.

They understand that your child is still growing and we will design orthotic devices and treatment plans that take this into account. This includes regular reviews and checks to ensure that any devices we have provided are completely comfortable and safe.

We work closely with our manufacturers and can produce an attractive range of orthotic devices that are low profile and printed with a wide choice of designs that are attractive to children and are incredibly hard wearing. We want your child to feel positively about their treatment and our clinicians seek to build long term relationships.

We can provide orthotics for children to help with many activities, from sport to daily living activities such as eating. We also provide devices for protection, positioning splints and night splints.

We follow an evidence based approach, and put your child at the centre of our clinical decisions. Wherever possible, we will involve your child in our clinical decision making process as much as we can.

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